Avoid the pitfalls when hiring a home inspector

 May 1, 2015  | As Showcased in The Barrie Advance

Buyer Aware Home Inspections

Buyer Aware Home Inspections in Barrie are the experts in conducting complete and thorough home inspections to increase your safety and mitigate risks. You owe it to yourself to detect hidden repairs and understand everything that you need to know about your home regarding its structural foundation and safety issues.

Certified Home Inspectors
Buyer Aware Home Inspections boasts highly trained and certified home inspectors who will go through every facet of your home to identify and troubleshoot problems such as missing insulation, hidden foundation cracks or leaks and electrical or drainage problems. They possess the expertise and use a detailed approach to understand life-threatening issues for your family while recommending strategies to resolve issues that could contribute to energy loss and safety hazards.

Thermal Inspections

Buyer Aware Home Inspections uses modern updated thermal imaging technology to detect and image even minor variances in different materials based on their thermal mass. Thermal imaging is capable of identifying several issues that are cause for concern such as: unknown plumbing leaks, broken seals in windows, water and moisture intrusion that could lead to mould, electrical faults that could lead to fires and more.

It makes sense to have a complete home inspection instead of exposing yourself and your loved ones to risks that could have been easily prevented. Thermal imaging for air tightness and energy efficiency are significant quality control measures when buying a home. Heat loss can make up 50 per cent of total energy consumption with causes ranging from air leakage through chimneys, attics, and wall vents to poorly sealed doorways to missing insulation.

Protect your home and family by investing in a complete home inspection by the professionals. Stay educated and informed before moving into your new home by knowing the facts. Contact Buyer Aware Home Inspections in Barrie.

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